Five reasons all business owners should write a book (and how to go about it!)

Do you have a book inside of you just waiting to come out? Well here’s five good reasons you should make this goal a top priority for your business!

  • Authority

We live in an age of instant-information yet the value of a good old-fashioned book still stands strong. Authors are respected as experts and authority figures, so being a published author on a topic relating to your business makes you someone that your target audience will immediately want to listen to. Becoming an authority in your space gives you a clear competitive advantage.

  • Opportunities

With the credibility of being a published author, doors will suddenly open for you such as speaking opportunities and guest blogs. “After I was denied the opportunity to do a presentation at a local library I thought to myself: ‘I bet they would let me do a talk if I had written a book!’” says Karen Kertesz, an author who has since been invited by that same library to present, which resulted in new business coming her way.

  • Attract more customers

Being the author of a book makes you instantly trustworthy! It gives your target audience an opportunity to get to know you and like you, since the book will be written in your voice. And we know that customers buy from people they know, like and trust.

Writing a book gives you loads of content that you can re-purpose in other ways such as articles, blogs and podcasts – maximising the value of your efforts, giving you access to new audiences (some people will listen to a podcast but won’t read an ebook), and feeding different content to the search engines to help web traffic to find your website. “Jumping in at the ‘deep end’ with writing a book has made writing blogs, articles and newsletters much easier to do,” agrees Karen.


In addition, articles written by other people may refer to your book and point people towards your website which again, gives you access to a new audience.

  • Personal satisfaction

Who wouldn’t get a kick out of being a published author? It’s a great goal to tick off your bucket list! “Being scared is part of it. If you aren’t at least a little bit terrified when you hit publish, then it’s not worth doing,” says author Kylie Ansett.


  • Passive income

Depending on a few factors such as your strategy (if it’s purely an ebook marketing tool you might give it away as a lead magnet), your target audience and amount of competition in your space, and the publishing channel that you choose to go down – writing a book could be a good source of ‘set and forget’ passive income that you enjoy in future years.


We asked 3 Australian Business Mum published authors to share their stories, top tips and mistakes to avoid.


Kylie Ansett – author of “Bodyworker’s Success Blueprint: The Solo Massage Therapist’s Guide to Avoiding Burnout, Getting Return Clients and Building a Thriving Practice”

In her 15 years as a massage therapist, Kylie has seen it all. She started her massage practice on a shoestring budget and turned it into a lucrative business. She wanted to write a book to help other bodyworkers build a successful practice while managing their own energy levels and avoiding burnout.


The thought of writing a book terrified and excited me in equal amounts. No I lie. It terrified me just a bit more. Which is why it never happened,” says Kylie. Until she stumbled across a self-publishing school which claimed they could guide her to write and publish in 90 days. “My terror was superseded by curiosity… 90 days… really?”


“So I made it a game. Let’s see if I can? You know that guy at school that asked you out ‘for a joke’? Too scared to call it what it was for fear of rejection? Well that was me.” Instead of penning the great Australian novel, or creating a literary work of art, Kylie just started writing, living by the adage that ‘done is better than perfect’ and simply putting one foot in front of the other.


Kylie’s top tip is to be laser focused on your ideal reader. “I wrote my book to that one person. It made it real. I was not preaching to a group of anonymous, faceless readers, but speaking directly to her! And because of this, even those outside of my ideal reader niche resonated with the authenticity even if not the subject matter.”


When asked what mistakes to avoid, Kylie says: “Looking too far ahead was overwhelming. It froze me to inaction. Thinking about marketing when I was still writing. Pondering the dark art of Amazon rankings when I was still editing… One step at a time!”


Kylie learnt to ask others for support. “It was a surprise how they responded. With practical and moral support. With questions. With interest. It was very gratifying and humbling.”


Kylie’s book is ranked number 1 best seller on Amazon in her category, selling several copies per day.  Even if you’re not a massage worker it’s a great read! You can buy it here:



Roselyn Perez – author of Juicing book


Roselyn always had a burning desire to write a book, but never found the time or the right topic until she was made redundant from her full time job. “I have been passionate about juicing and helping people adopt the juicing lifestyle, so I just picked juicing as the best topic for my first book project!”

Roselyn’s hard copy book is now for sale online including at Amazon, Fishpond and in book stores globally.

Roselyn suggests creating a personal brand prior to writing a book.  “It is easier to write and sell a book if it is in line with your personal branding.  Create a website and build your followers though your online presence.  People will buy your book once you have built expertise and a good reputation for it.” For example, a year prior to starting her book project, Roselyn built the website where she published articles to help people start their own journey with juicing.  “When I started the project, I already had a few articles written which gave me a good head start on the book.”

She also says you should form a team of experts who share the same passion.  “Don’t try to do everything by yourself or you won’t be able to finish it.” For example, consider if you need a co-author, copy editor, graphic designer or proofreader.


Like Kylie, Roselyn set up a project plan and committed to a particular timeline. “Working on a book project can be quite onerous. Without commitment and self-motivation, this type of project can be easily pushed out until it goes unfinished and completely forgotten,” she advises.


Roselyn used an international publisher who provided self-publishing services and offered print-to-order scheme.  “Then you don’t have to invest a huge amount of money on book printing and marketing,” she says.


Finally, Roseyln points out that you should always keep in mind that you can help many people through your book.  “It is easier to market your book if you are confident that it will help people with their specific issues.  Some may not like it but it only means they don’t need it.   Just find the ones that do.”



Karen Kertesz – author of “Win Back Your Time: How to slow down and free up more time to do what you love”


Karen is the owner of Emerald Space, and Sydney’s first Essential Feng Shui® consultant. She helps her clients to de-clutter, organise and enhance their homes, businesses and outdoor spaces to create balance and harmony. Karen’s business strategy involved writing her book as a platform to attract new customers.


Karen’s top tip is to enjoy the process! “Discover and allow your voice to shine through your writing and infuse it with the feeling that you want your readers to gain from your book.” She also recommends doing a course or joining a writing group for support and accountability. Having a timeframe is important but try not to be too strict with a deadline. The most important point is to stay committed.  “Life sometimes produces a pause in the process. I took a holiday in the middle of writing my book and I found that disrupted my momentum. Next time I will allow myself 6 months,” she says.


Karen suggests writing every day to keep up the momentum. “I found my best time to write was in the early morning. I felt creative then and it gave me some space from my family commitments.” Throughout the rest of the day she kept my phone or notebook handy to record ideas, inspiration and insights.


“Writing a book deserves to be an absolute top priority,” says Karen when asked what mistakes she would avoid next time. “Allowing other non-essential tasks to take priority means you’ll get side-tracked. Stay focussed on the one main goal of writing the book and you’ll be much more productive.”



So, can anyone write a book? Of course! You just need the motivation, discipline and little bit of guidance to take you in the right direction. You’ve probably already got a good book inside you just waiting for the right moment to come out. After all, you ARE an expert in your field and even if there are other books on the same topic, there are plenty of people who will benefit from hearing your message in your voice. Remember the proverb: “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King!” What book will you write?

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